Modals Chart


Modal Past Modal Negative Negative Past
Can Could Can't
Could not
Could Could have Could not Couldn't have
Could not have
Will Would Won't
Will not
Would not
Would Would have Wouldn't
Would not
Wouldn't have
Would not have
May May have May not May not have
Might Might have Might not Might not have
Should Should have Should not Should not have
Must Had to
Must have
Must not
Must not have
Ought to Ought to have Ought not to Ought not to have
Have to
Has to
Had to Don't have to
Doesn't have to
Didn't have to
Did not have to
Have got to
Has got to
Be going to
Be supposed to
Was/were Is/are/am/not going to
Isn't/aren't/am not supposed to
Wasn't/weren't going to
Wasn't/weren't supposed to
Be able to Was/were able to Isn't/aren't able to Wasn't/weren't able to
Be to Was/were to Is/are/am/not to Wasn't/weren't to
Need to
Needs to
Needed to Doesn't need to Didn't need to
Had better   Had better not  
Used to   Didn't use to  
Be about to Was/were about to Is/are/am not about to Wasn't/weren't about to
Would rather Would rather have Would rather not Would rather not have